Every Body Transformation Challenge

12 Week Program

Every Body Transformation Challenge - $200.00

Our Flagship program since 2016. We’ve titled the program the “Every Body Transformation Challenge”. We wanted to come up with a program that would be realistic for the average person and sustainable. If you are somebody looking to make a change in your health this is the program for you. This program is for all levels of fitness.


The EBTC program has 2 branches: Infinite Foundations is for those who are new to the Infinite Lifestyle and looking to make a change in their lives but may not know where to begin. This program will help you to get started without feeling overwhelmed and create an understanding of what exercise can do for your body along with fueling your body with proper nutrition to sustain your day and achieve your goals.Infinite Vitality is for those who have been living the Infinite Life and ready to kick it up a notch towards success.


Strength Training for Runners - $200.00

Built with runners in mind, this program will help you incorporate strength training into your routine to help you build speed, strength and power on the pavement. Learn how to add strength training into your already busy running program as well as effective stretching, nutrition and hydration.


This program is for runners of all skill level: whether your goal is to run a marathon, or improve your time in the 5k – we have you covered.


This runs with our 12-week program so you reap the benefits of both!


Power-Up your Posterior - $200.00

Most of us spend a lot of time sitting: sitting at your desk, sitting in your car, sitting on the couch or wherever. This has a poor effect on your muscles in your anterior chain – they get shorter and tighter. It also effects the muscles of your posterior chain by weakening them. This can result in poor posture, back pain and knee pain.


With this program, you get what you need to repair and reverse the effects of a weakened posterior chain.


You can expect to see improved posture, stronger functional movements, less pain, and many more benefits!


This program will run with our regular 12-week program so you will still benefit from all of the awesome elements we have to offer with our Every Body Transformation Challenge.

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Infinite Express

30 Day Program

Infinite Express - $69.99 / 1 Month

Struggling to find time to make your health and fitness a priority in your life? You’re not alone!


We’ve developed a program suited for busy humans of any fitness level. Enjoy quick workouts from your home or at the gym. We’ll build around your schedule and limitations such as time or previous injuries.


This program includes access to our trainers, video library, cookbook, bi-weekly check-ins and so much more!



6 Week Advanced Program

Strong For Summer - $100.00 Starts May 17th

Are you an experienced fitness buff? Looking to get some gains, maybe crush a new PR, or maybe you just want something new to push your limits!


Infinite Fitness doesn't believe in limits. We know you you can push yourself to new heights with support and motivation. Thats why we decided to drop this new program just in time for summer. We've designed these workouts to be intense - they'll test you and push your limits. Got what it takes? This program will focus on building muscle, burning fat and really pushing your abilities.


This program includes access to our trainers, daily check-ins, meal plans and macros, a friendly community of like minded people, and much more!


This is for ADVANCED members.


Only 40 slots available!


Summer Survival

8 week summer program

Summer Survival - $100 New Price!

Summer tends to be the time of year where people neglect their health and fitness goals. We have created a program that will let you stay focused all while being able to relax and have fun.


Don't forget that you can participate from anywhere at anytime. This program is flexible to ensure you are able to stay on track all summer long.


Fun, speedy workouts for the gym, home, or sunny outdoors! Video catalog with over 500 videos to ensure you are doing each exercise correctly. A detailed, flexible healthy eating plan filled with quick bbq, poolside, and picnic friendly easy recipes tailored to your goals. If you have any nutritional concerns that is never an issue. Daily access to our certified Personal Trainers and Healthy Eating for Weight Loss Specialists along with biweekly check ins with your coaches. Access to our online Motivational Fitness group where you can share your successes, your struggles, recipes, ask questions and get inspired.