More Than a Fitness Program

Infinite Fitness is more than an online fitness program, we are a family of like minded people who take pleasure in helping each other reach their goals. Life long friendships have been made throughout 100s of our challengers whether they are from Cape Breton or the other side of the Country. Tonight this gang got out together for some outdoor cardio taking advantage of our beautiful weather we are having!

Big News! – January Registration is OPEN!

Infinite Fitness is happy to bring you another Every Body Transformation Challenge just in time for the new year!

Registration is open NOW and the official launch date will be January 7th, 2018

The Every Body Transformation Challenge is a program for “Every Body”. Our program is designed for all levels of fitness and we are proud that Infinite Fitness has been a part of over 900 individuals lives in less than 2 years. This program is all about change, changing your mind and body to align to create the healthiest version you can be. This program requires effort to make these changes but they will be 100% worth every ounce of hard work. YOU are worth the hard work, you are worth the effort, and with effort comes beautiful transformation.

If you are ready to put effort into your amazing body and mind, transformation is waiting for you.

Register Now!


September Challenge is a GO!

We’ve kicked off our September Challenge and we’re excited to work with each and every one of you to reach your fitness goals! The fit tests at Ascendo Fitness had a great turn out and everyone worked their butts off!

We’re getting bombarded with feedback and photos of the yummy food you guys have been trying. Some people are following our Healthy Eating Plans while others are learning to follow the Flexible Eating Plan.

This is just the beginning of Phase 1 and we are working hard to wrap up the launch!

Watch for announcements on when we will be doing Live Sessions to explain the in’s and outs of the meal plans, workouts, and macro tracking.

Oh – and remember….

Make sure to eat all your food!



Registration has been open less than a week and we are so incredibly grateful for the response we have received. We couldn’t be more excited for the big things that are coming this September!

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so over at our Registration Page!

This is shaping up to be better than ever! Don’t miss out – Join our Infinite Fitness Family! 

Invest in Yourself


Did you know our program will only cost you $2.14/day?

When you sign up for this Challenge you will receive:

  • 12 weeks of individualized workouts that come in 3 phases that can be done in the gym, home, or a mix of both.
  • A detailed, balanced, flexible meal plan that will teach you how to choose the right foods, correct portions and still allow you to enjoy your favorite foods.
  • Access to our two coaches, Ashley and Laura as well as our Every Body Ambassadors who have taken part in previous challenges.
  • Access to a private group with fellow challengers where you can have discussions and gain motivation.
  • A discounted membership to Ascendo Fitness exclusive to Challengers (Cape Breton Residents)
  • A video library with over 450 exercises showing you how to complete exercises correctly.
  • Bi weekly check ins with your trainers via email.
  • A menu created just for you at Flavor Downtown (Cape Breton Residents)
  • An opportunity to become the healthiest version of yourself while learning how to make the best choices.

Regardless of your current fitness level or location, this challenge is for every body.

Pediatric TLC Fund

Infinite Fitness donates $5 for every registration from the Every Body Transformation to the PEDS TLC fund at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital and $725 came directly from each and every one of you who took part in our Summer Survival Challenge. 

See their post here

They just keep giving and supporting our hospital. We can’t thank them enough. 

Ascendo Fitness / Supplement King Sydney and Infinite Fitness were back to the pediatrics unit yesterday with another cheque for $725.00

These two community leaders have given again to the Pediatrics TLC Fund. 

The Pediatrics TLC Fund helps ensure doctors and nurses have the tools they need to provide world-class care at home for children in Cape Breton.

Pediatrics TLC Fund Quick Facts:

•The Pediatrics TLC Fund provides financial support to families with sick children

•The Fund is 100% donor funded

•The Fund helps with expenses such as travel, income replacement, medications, etc…

•In 2016, more than $26,765 was disbursed to families with sick children

•Each month, up to 11 families rely on the fund for financial support

Thank you Ascendo Fitness and Infinite Fitness for your continued support. 

#BecauseUCare #CapeBreton #GiveWhereYouLive

September Registration is Open!

It’s that time again Challengers! We hope everyone is having an amazing summer and are pleased to announce our upcoming September Challenge.

If you’re looking to get back on track or start a brand new journey, this is your time to do it! We have some exciting new features to our program that we can’t wait for you to see. So jump on over to our Registration Page and start your path to a healthier life style!


New Challenge: Sept 17, 2017

Greetings Challengers!

Laura and Ashley are pleased to announce that their next Every Body Transformation Challenge will be kicking off September 17th, 2017.

Registration will be opening within the next 24hrs so stay tuned for the form link!

Since the EBTC started, over 800 Challengers have taken the plunge and joined this tried and tested program. We’ve seen people totally transform their lives and have inspired others to commit to their health and fitness.

We strive to be the best program available and are proud to be able to offer such a balanced and realistic program for any age and any fitness level.

This September become a member of the Infinite Fitness Family.

New: Updated Program and Tracking

Greetings Challengers and New Friends alike!

We are so excited for the changes we are making to our program starting this September! Our new and improved program design makes your plan even easier to follow. 

 Detailed workouts with your own exercise library, flexible meal plans tailored to your goals that doesn’t restrict any of your favorite foods, more detailed check ins with your trainers, unlimited support and access to certified Personal Trainers, Pro Trainer and Healthy Eating for Weight Loss Specialist, and 40 plus pages of recipes. 

 In just over 18 months, we have helped over 800 people work towards their health and fitness goals and we are committed to grow that number each and every day. New challenge begins September 16th! 

We would love for you to join our Infinite Fitness Family!

Sneak peek of our new Program. 

Summer Survival Challenge!

summer survival 2

Greetings Challengers!

Infinite Fitness is excited to announce their exclusive Summer Survival Challenge!

Summertime always seems to be the time of year where people neglect their health and fitness goals!! We have created a program that will let you stay on track all while being able to relax and have fun!

What you get:

  • Fun, speedy workouts for the gym, home, or sunny outdoors!
  • A detailed, flexible eating plan filled with quick and easy recipes!
  • Daily access to our certified Personal Trainers and Healthy Eating for Weight Loss Specialists!
  • Access to our online Motivational Fitness group where you can share your successes, your struggles, recipes, ask questions and get inspired!
  • Optional Group activities such as hiking, fitness classes, yoga, etc!

Start date: July 9!
Registration opens: June 5!
Cost: $100

We are so excited for this program and hope you join us!!!

Register Here!