NEW: Easy Payment Options

At Infinite Fitness, we’re committed to working hard to bring our program to as many people as possible. That’s why were bringing back our Payment plan! If you’ve registered, and would like to pay with credit card, check out these options:

Two Equal Payments ($115.00) + $5.00 Admin Fee
First Payment – September 3, 2018
Second Payment – October 22, 2018

Three Equal Payments ($76.67) + $5.00 Admin Fee
First Payment – September 3, 2018
Second Payment – October 8, 2018
Third Payment – November 5, 2018

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From One of Our Members

This is a transformation that is worth the read, thank you to this beautiful soul for sharing her story with us.

My unhealthy relationship with “diets” started in grade 12 with a soup diet. From there the ways to lose weight got more creative and even more dangerous. My first roommate turned me onto an ex-lax diet where we would all take 2 before bed, from there we would binge and then purge when we went out partying, when I moved out on my own I found even more hideous ways to torture my body from wrapping my stomach in plastic wrap as I slept to taking high energy diet pills that sure took the weight off but at $90 a bottle it created a drug like habit that soon got out of control.

Fast forward to 20 years later, 2 kids later and my issues with my weight not being resolved had me at my highest weight (over 200 pounds) and I was miserable! My days consisted of putting baby powder under folds of skin to avoid rashes, never looking at my body in a full length mirror or any glass surface, contouring my neck/face to hide a double chin and the roundness, wearing Spanx every time I left the house to try and hide things on my body. I stopped going out with friends, I seldom left my house unless to buy groceries or eat fast food, to say I needed an intervention was an understatement!

That came towards the end of Dec as I was surfing through Facebook and found the Infinite Fitness challenge. I read everything I could, poured over testimonials and sat on it for about a week before I finally had the guts to even message Ashley and Laura. All I asked for was info, what they gave me was a life line – a program that is NOT a diet it’s a way to live your life and get everything out of it you can: mind, body and spirit. Through the meal plans, cookbook, workouts (that you could do at home or any gym) to the private Infinite Group page where 24/7 there is someone going through exactly what I’m going through, Challengers sharing inspiring stories and pics of all the yummy food we can eat from the cook book they provide! The Infinite Fitness Challenge has started me and my family on something incredible that will not stop when then challenge ends, it’s now part of mine/my families lives forever. I encourage anyone who has suffered like me to please check out this challenge. If I can do it after everything I put my body through so can you – you just need to take that first step and I promise you it’ll change your life!

We Never Fail…

While I was driving today, I heard an interesting “fact” on the radio.

84% of people who start a “diet” will fail.

When we think of the word diet we often automatically begin to think about restrictions. 
How often do people give up carbs as a dieting plan? Did you know carbs are the bodies main energy source?
What about calorie restriction? How often is it said “well I just need to eat less and I’ll lose weight”? Did you know when you excessively restrict calories you actually will put your body into starvation mode creating metabolic damage?

We take pride in our program because you are never on a diet, we teach what healthy eating looks like. The difference with healthy eating vs “dieting” is that it is sustainable, you can never fail, all you are doing is eating the appropriate amount of macronutrients to fuel your body efficiently for your everyday needs.

Infinite Fitness is a family of like minded people working together to create change. If you are someone who is looking for this healthy lifestyle shift you’ll want to be part of our April Challenge.

January 14 2018 Registration

We want to make 2018 your healthiest year yet! The best part is you can live anywhere in the world to participate in our program and you do not need to be local!

Our start date for our next program is January 14 and we would love to have you join.

The total cost for the program is $207 ($2.14/day… we pay that for our morning coffee)

The EveryBody Transformation Challenge gives away cash prizes based on body visual body transformation. There are 3 prizes for women and 3 prizes for men.
1st place- $1000
2nd place- $500
3rd place- $100

When you sign up for this challenge you will receive:
💥 12 weeks of individualized workouts that come in 3 phases that can be done in the gym, home, or a mix of both.
💥 Along with your detailed workout package you are given speedy workouts that can be done at home on in the gym for the days when time is not on your side and you need to get your workout done extra fast.
💥A video library with over 450 exercises showing you how to complete all of your exercises correctly, along with the video library you are given a glossary of exercise descriptions of just the exercises given in your plan.
💥A individualized, detailed, balanced, flexible healthy eating plan that will teach you how to choose the right foods, correct portions and still allow you to enjoy your favorite foods. We accommodate food allergies and food dislikes.
💥Access to our two coaches, Ashley and Laura as well as our Every Body Ambassadors who have taken part in previous challenges.
💥 Bi weekly check ins with your trainers via email.
💥Access to a private group with fellow challengers where you can have discussions and gain motivation.
💥A discounted membership to Ascendo Fitness exclusive to Challengers (Cape Breton Residents)
💥A menu created just for you at Flavor Downtown (Cape Breton Residents)
💥 A discounted group yoga class at Breathing Space Sydney (Cape Breton Residents)
💥 Discounted packages at Enso Wellness in Sydney for massage and float. (Cape Breton Residents)
💥An opportunity to become the healthiest version of yourself while learning how to make the best choices.

Regardless of your current fitness level or location, this challenge is for every body.

September Challenge $500 Winners!

Congratulations to Jeff McDonald!! Our male $500 winner!


This challenge has changed my life dramatically. I never cared about fitness until I had kids. Then I realized I can’t go on like this! Always tired and feeling crappy. I ran into Laura one day at a kids event and started talking. I went to her for some training sessions. I’ve tried the gym many times but always failed because I had no direction. I did my first challenge a year and a half ago and never looked back. It’s a new way of life for me. I feel healthier stronger and way more energetic!!! I am very grateful to her and Ashley for getting someone like me who has a hectic lifestyle with four kids and a lot of work responsibilities to enjoy fitness! Thanks girls. Let’s keep it going!! – Jeff

Way to go Deanne Corbett – our $500 Female Winner!


This is my first Challenge and I am proud to say it is just the beginning for me. I have finally learned how to achieve my goals in a healthy way with proper nutrition and workouts. I am happy I took this leap and signed up as I really feel it changed my life. – Deanne

September Challenge $1,000 Winners!

A huge Congratulations going out to Erin Shea!! Our Female $1000 winner!

Hi Everyone,
I’m Erin Shea, a 34 year old 1st time mom of a beautiful 7 month girl. I have a very demanding job as a hospitality management professional. I always seem to put everything before myself and my health. When my daughter was 3 months old I noticed a posting for Infinite Fitness in my news feed and decided I needed to join. I needed to get in shape for myself and my family. I had gained approx 80 pounds with my pregnancy. It was scary but I made the decision and I’m glad I did it. This year has been an amazing roller coaster of ups and downs from the birth of my daughter to the loss of my Nana and Uncle. This program has made me feel so amazing both emotionally and physically. This program has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I would recommend it to anyone! I can’t wait to continue with it and see what the future brings.

Erin Shea


Huge Congratulations going out to Craig Thiel – Our male $1000 winner!

I was not one to follow every aspect, I fell away from the food app a few times and did not get to the gym as much as I hoped but I accomplished noticeable results. This is what this program is all about. You make exercise a part of your life where you can and healthy eating a part of your every day routine. I feel the desire to continue with this lifestyle change that has just begun over the last twelve weeks. Thank you to all the other challengers. Although I have not posted much I have been following the group and have been inspired by your dedication and enthusiasm. Thank you to Laura and Ashley. Whenever I called upon them for help they were right there. I hope everyone continues on with their successes and has a happy and healthy Holidays. I hear the “girls” aka Laura Nicole and Ashley Petrie say “Start where you are.” I love where I am and today I start again!!

Stay calm and challenge on.

Craig Thiel