Ambassador Profiles

Ambassador  Lynne Dairou

Hi, I’m Lynne Dairou, I am 43 years young, married and a mother to 2 wonderful children. For the past 12 years I’ve worked in health care. I came across this program when Ashley Buckingham did her first program and she shared her experiences on Facebook. I was skeptical at first. Then I joined an amazing gym, Ascendo Fitness, and met Calista Crawley who inspired me and became my ambassador. I believe in every aspect of this program. There is so much support, tools for healthy eating, fun workouts, motivation and so much more.


Ambassador Katie Smith

My name is Katie Smith and I am a 26-years old. I am originally from Lantz, NS but I am currently living in the Fall River, NS area with the MOST supportive boyfriend (someone who has helped me be as successful as I have been).
Growing up, I was always heavily involved in sports; from softball, competitive swimming and dancing, high school rugby and skating, you name it I was involved in it. It wasn’t until I went away for university that I really went on a bad lifestyle path. I basically let myself eat whatever I wanted, I never got a good nights sleep and I came up with E.V.E.R.Y excuse in the book as to why I would not be exercising.
Last holiday season is where everything went off the rails. I basically let the “spirt of the holidays” last for three months. Fast forward and now it’s March of 2017. I am the heaviest I have ever been and I am to the point where UNLESS I can have seven different filters added to ANY photo I was in, I was NOT HAPPY. This is my main point of everything, I WAS NOT HAPPY. Everyone else in my life continued to say things like “oh Katie, I don’t see what you see, you still look great!” But, it’s not about anyone else but YOU. Besides, little did they know, I had gained over 30lbs, none of my clothes fit me anymore and I just got really good at hiding myself in my clothes.
A little less than two weeks before the April EBTC was starting, I finally asked someone what they had been doing over the last three months. Talking to her meant I was deciding it was time for a change and my life has seriously CHANGED (for the better) forever. This will be my 4th CONSECUTIVE challenge and because I believe WHOLE HEARTEDLY that this program can change your life for the better, I have decided to become an ambassador. Anyone who asks what I have done, I share absolutely anything and everything I can about this program and what it has done for me. One of my goals as an ambassador is to motivate other people to take a chance on themselves, MAKE TIME for themselves and become the BEST version of themselves they can be.

Ambassador Jo Fougere

A residential counselor at the age of 31, I am an insulin dependent diabetic with a rare leg condition.

Last spring browsing the internet I noticed some photos of past challengers and thought to myself “Wow, someday I would love to have the same before and after photos”. How could I possibly attend a gym though?, let alone a co-ed one. I’d feel fatter and judged. I wouldnt even know how to use anything. I had no clue how i would even muster up the courage to walk through the doors.

Months went by and I felt worse, nothing was fitting, tired was an understatement. I literally could sleep for 15 hours daily. I felt like a slug. I had no desire or motivation for anything but work and sleep. With the fear of my health getting worse, I knew I needed a change.

My first step was getting information on the gym, trainers and challenge. The thought of walking into the gym was giving me major anxiety. To my suprise, as silly as it sounds, I was welcomed with open arms and felt encouraged not even slightly judged by anyone. My first time ever entering any gym and I entered the challenge immediately. I thought now what did i get myself into?

Now, 9 weeks in, I attend the gym 4-5 days a week. I feel on top of the world. My long time high sugars have leveled out. I feel alert and stronger. I set small goals as I go and I fuel my body now the way it should be fueled. I never ate breakfast my whole life. I went from eating one big meal a day and snacking to eating 6 times a day. The trainers have given me a wealth of knowledge and I’ve never felt so supported, by them, my fellow challengers and my new gym friends. I thank everyone of them for holding me accountable, teaching me as we go and inspiring me to be a better individual. This fitness movement is unstoppable and growing at a steady pace. I cant wait to hit more goals with all of you. I started out with a 14 second plank, now holding over a minute. Its a slow process but quiting wont speed it up!! I exercise for my health now and NOT for weight loss. I am not where I want to be but thank god for infinite fitness I am not where I used to be. We can do this together. This is a fitness family.


Ambassador Ashley Wilson

Hi there! I’m Ashley, a 33 year old mother of three. I also work full-time with Child Welfare. I often saw this program highlighted over and over on social media but never payed much attention because I believed it was something I could never do and succeed. Man, was I wrong. I’m actually sorry that I didn’t start this program sooner! I have gained SO much knowledge about how to eat healthy for MY body. The tailored workout regime is also suited just for you so you really feel like you’re constantly progressing. The amount of energy and confidence I have now, compared to when this program first began is amazing! I’ve lost weight and shed inches but more importantly, I’m regaining my health. There is also SO much support and feedback amongst members of the program that you never feel like you’re alone on this journey. You really feel part of a fitness family. I am so very happy I jumped on board when I did. I can’t wait to continue being a happier, healthier version of myself 


Ambassador Shannon Moores

I’m Shannon and this is my first challenge. I am a substitute teacher, work with Sea Cadets and teach first aid. I’m always on the go, never making time for myself. I first looked at the EBTC in December and made every excuse why I couldn’t participate. In August I was tired of feeling tired, run down and just BLAH! I decided that it was time that I put myself first and signed up before I let the excuses take over. I’ve been to gyms and participated in programs over the years. What makes EBTC different for me is the knowledge I’ve gained throughout the process. There is no `quick fix“ and EBTC has provided me with the tools and knowledge to make a lifestyle change. I never expected to be where I am today. The support and encouragement from the Infinite Fitness family has been incredible. It`s amazing the things I can do now that I couldn`t do before. I have so much more energy and am accomplishing more in less time. The confidence I see in myself to try new things is remarkable! It is SO IMPORTANT to focus on non-scale victories like how your clothes fit, how you feel, and how happy you are!

Ambassador Kathleen Macleod

Hey there, I’m Kathleen! I am 26. I’ve been following this challenge since day 1, but only just had the courage to join in January 2018. I found myself not only unhealthy, but uneducated. I was shocked at how little I actually knew about pretty much everything related to fitness and healthy eating. Not only was I failing to consume anywhere near the recommended daily intake of food and calories, the “healthy” foods I was eating, weren’t actually that healthy. The knowledge I’ve gained from Laura, Ashley and my fellow participants has been worth its weight in gold. It’s extremely encouraging to know there are 200+ people who’ve got your back if you need some encouragement, advice or just to chat. Also, having the opportunity to offer up those same things to others has been extremely rewarding and has continued to keep me motivated. I’m not yet where I want to be, but with the tools infinite fitness has given me, I know I’ll get there on my own time. In such a short amount of time I have learned so many invaluable things about my health, wellness and self. For the first time in 26 years I know I am educated enough to make the best choices for my mind and body and I 100% have Infinite Fitness to thank for that.


Ambassador Natalia Johnston

My name is Natalia, I am 28 years old and a registered nurse. I currently live in Sydney with my boyfriend, our dog Lilly and cat Oliver. I have been one to struggle with my weight my whole life. I was always the “fat” friend growing up in school. In 2012 I changed and lost approx 50lbs and was down to my lowest weight. But as life goes , I started to slowly put it back on. And that’s why I am here.

Infinite fitness has become a second family to me. Ashley, Laura and the rest of the group keep me motivated daily. The biggest thing I took from this was TAKE YOUR PHOTOS. There were weeks I was discouraged getting on the scale, then I would take my pictures again and bam my discouragement was over and i was totally happy!

This isn’t the typical diet you go on that you do for 12 weeks, then start to eat again and then say to yourself “well that was a waste of my time”. It’s a life style change. And let me tell you it’s a GREAT change. This is something I have become a part of and plan to do for a long time coming.


Ambassador Tiffany Neville

My name is Tiffany Neville. I am 31 years old and live in Sydney. I am a wife, and a mother to one sweet little girl.
I joined the infinite fitness every body transformation challenge in January 2018 after I heard about it from a colleague who was signing up to complete the challenge for the second time. I thought, if it’s so good why don’t I give it a try?
I have dedicated a huge portion of my life to helping people find health and wellness in their lives. This June, I will be celebrating 10 years as an RN. In that time I’ve become a certified yoga instructor, and developed a reiki practice. All of this has not only helped me help others, but has also helped me appreciate the importance of self care.
After my nursing career began and before yoga, I recognized my self care sliding. As a teen I kept active with a gym buddy, and maintained a healthy lifestyle but with university and then a career with shift work I got out of that routine. In 2011 I committed to and followed a very intense and regimented fitness and nutrition plan thinking “I have to do something about this weight!” I didn’t feel I was living as healthfully as I could. I was not the best version of Tiff that I could be. It was not a lifestyle change, it was an unrealistic restrictive way to exist. It did light a fire for me though and was where my yoga practice and running began. I maintained a healthy lifestyle for a while and then…
I had a struggle with fertility, and with that came all kinds of things that make you say things like “no gym, not today; what’s the point?”. I got rid of my gym membership, did yoga less, I stopped running. I see that was where my mental and physical health started a rapid decline.
Then, I found the EBTC. You can’t fail, and you can live. I can’t be my best as a wife, mother, nurse, yoga practitioner or anything without self care. I hope that by being an ambassador for current and future members of this community we can start to build each other up and we can all be the people we are truly meant to be. This is no diet, and not your average exercise regime. This is living well.


Ambassador Laura Bowdridge

My name is Laura Bowdridge, am 30 years old, a Mother of 2 and a Yoga teacher who is passionate about inspiring and helping others through sharing the mind/body approach towards overall health and wellness.
I joined the infinite challenge in January 2018 originally to do what I love and what I’ve been doing since I moved to Cape Breton from Halifax 3 years ago; to support, motivate and inspire others and help them achieve their goals! Once Ashley and Laura added me to the private Facebook support group I was blown away by the interaction, positive energy and high vibes in the group and knew right away I wanted to be a part of this challenge in a bigger way. I immediately joined as a “challenger” and for the first time since taking my yoga teacher training in 2013 I have done something for MYSELF, I have been able to support others AND take care of me.. it has made me a better mother, and a better teacher. I have fallen in love with taking care of myself again, not just providing that to others. This program has completely changed my relationship with food, the scale, and with fitness, something that not many people know, but I have struggled with in the past. I am so much stronger both mentally and physically, I know now what my body is capable of doing and it’s the best decision I ever made! I’m thrilled to become an ambassador for the next challenge and continue this journey infinitely because “you can only keep what you have by giving it away”

Ambassador Rochelle Aucoin

My name is Rochelle Aucoin. I’m 37 about to be 38 and I joined the infinite fitness challenge in January 2018 when I noticed my weight had creeped to its highest point in 5 years. The infinite fitness challenge has completely changed my relationship with food in a positive way. This program has helped me improve my fitness levels, develop new relationships with like minded people and increase my self confidence. Why I believe in this program over others is because it gives you the tools necessary to make lifestyle changes that can extend well beyond the length of the challenge. I also believe in this program because of Laura and Ashley. The support and guidance they provide, along with other challengers, is second to none. You join the challenge because you need a change you stay because you believe you can help someone else change as you continue on your journey. I can’t wait to see what his next challenge brings for us all!

Ambassador Melissa Thompson

My name is Melissa Thompson, I am 38 years old. I have been on the “chunky” side my entire life. But as I get older it has been effecting my body and my energy levels. I had heard about Infinite Fitness and the Everybody Transformation Challenge on social media and thought to myself “there is no way I could do that”. The fall of 2017 I got into a really big slump in life where I just felt tired all the time and I knew I needed to change. In January 2018 I finally took the plunge and joined the Everybody Transformation Challenge and it was the best decision of my life! This program taught me that I can do anything and that everyone is different and progresses differently. The private Facebook group with your fellow challengers is amazing and helps gets through those hard days. We are all in this journey together and we will get there. Laura and Ashley are amazing and are there for you the entire way. Did I have bad days? For sure and more than once during my challenge but the past is the past and I had to learn to forgot about and move on. No one can fail this program because even the smallest change is good change for you and your health. This challenge not only changes your body but it changes your mind and soul. I cannot wait to continue on this journey and help my fellow Infinite family in any way is can.

Ambassador Pamela Francis

Hi! My name is Pamela, I am a 37 year old mother of 2 as well as a high school teacher. Although I’ve always been physically active and participated in sports throughout my life, I’ve always struggled with my weight and maintaining healthy eating habits. I’ve tried several fad diets and weight-loss programs, most of which I was success for a short period of time but I could never maintain the weight loss. I was encouraged by a fellow ambassador who was having much success with this program to join and I’m so thankful I have. My favourite part of this program is the support, encouragement and positive motivation amongst challenge members. You always feel part of a family, never feeling alone on your journey to a better you. I can’t wait to help encourage others to get on board with this amazing program as well as continue discovering a healthier version of myself.

Ambassador Lucy Wintermans

Lucy is a dance instructor from Sydney Nova Scotia and the owner of Lucy Wintermans School of Dance (est 2001). She is also the mother of 11 year old twin daughters, Ella and Adrianna. Between running a business, teaching full time, and being a single mom, she had very little time to herself, until one day she decided to make a change. She began training with Laura Bourdreau at Ascendo and never looked back. Since she started her training she has completely transformed her body, her diet, and her health. Lucy was excited to hear that Laura and Ashley were starting the Everybody Transformation Challenge because she was passionate about other people being able to make the same kind of changes. She participated in the first challenge and is now proud to be an ambassador for Infinite Fitness and loves encouraging others to better themselves. Lucy is a certified dance instructor through the Canadian Dance Teachers Association in Ballet (Member) and Acrobatics (Associate), A level 1 gymnastics coach, a Schwinn indoor cycling instructor, and hopes to become a personal trainer in the future. She is also the choreographer of the Highland Girls – the dance team for the Cape Breton Highlanders professional basketball team (NBL).

Ambassador Tara Jackson

Tara is 31 years old and I’m a busy stay at home mom of three. After my youngest was born in February of last year I signed up for my first challenge. I’d had enough of putting on weight after each pregnancy, being tired and lethargic and had gotten to the point I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror anymore.
I did all of my exercises from home during the last two challenges and lost 40lbs to date.
More importantly the challenge changed my views on what healthy foods actually are. The group support you receive is invaluable and I’ll even go as far to say this isn’t a workout plan or a diet- it’s a lifestyle change. It’s real people, real food and you’ll see real results!


Ambassador Debbie MacRury

Hi Challengers, my name is Debbie MacRury. This is my 4th challenge and I have loved everyone. They keep me accountable and they are definitely helping me to be a better version of myself. I can’t say as I look back, that weight has always been an issue for me but it has always been a focus and not a good focus at that. I remember comparing myself to my friends when I was younger and I wasn’t as thin as they were but looking back I think I was probably a healthy size but never thought I was. I don’t know when I started to stop caring about me and how I looked but things really hit home for me in March of 2013 when I suffered a double pulmonary embolism and spent 10 days in the hospital. My weight was one of the contributing factors to this event. I am lucky to be alive because most people don’t survive. This was a huge eye opener and I knew that I had to change my ways. I was given a second chance to change. I joined Ascendo in May 2013 and it was the best decision. Bottom line, I love going to the gym, I love working out and I have met the most amazing people who support and encourage me every day. The journey hasn’t been easy and it will never end but each day I get stronger mentally and physically. I am learning more about food and understanding how to fuel my body properly. I am doing exercises I never thought I could. I still have to modify some but that’s okay! I would be comparable to the tortoise and the hare. I am the tortoise slow and steady but I feel that I am winning every day. My mind is changing. It’s hard to look at some pictures because I know how unhappy I truly was but then I see how far I have come and I am proud of my accomplishments. It took a while but I am now on my to-do list every day. It is the best feeling. You guys got this! You are worth it, every damn day! Do it!


Ambassador Amanda Collishaw

Amanda joined the Ascendo team in August 2016 and was welcomed with open arms. Through several career changes, from a Continuing Care Assistant to a Police Officer to a Personal Trainer, one constant stayed the same and stood out – she enjoys helping people!
Amanda is a unique and multidimensional trainer, as her clients range from Canada Games athletes to 75 year old grandmothers. She has three main goals for her clients: to learn, always be smiling and feel confident. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment for her when her clients are safe, satisfied and happy.
In addition to personal training, Amanda also teaches several upbeat and high energy classes each week. Be sure to pop in to one (or more!) to get your sweat on.
Amanda feels the Every Body Transformation Challenge is a great fit for everyone, whether you are a total newbie to the fitness world or a true gym rat at heart! Being an ambassador for the EBTC is just another avenue for her to be able to help people. Please don’t be shy to ever say Hello when you see her in Ascendo! She is always open to help you find the answer to any questions you may have regarding your workouts or meal plans.

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” -Paulo Coelho


Ambassador Dave MacPherson

Dave works as a Commercial Diver / Supervisor (Underwater Welder) by trade and also volunteer as team Athletic Therapist / Head Equipment Manager for the Jr Miners Hockey Team. Through hockey all winter and playing golf all summer, I have always been active, but only recently decided to become healthy.

In Aug of 2016, I was introduced to healthy living and proper workout routines by Infinite Fitness partners Ashley and Laura, where I have a new found passion, an abundance of energy and much smaller cloths. Weight loss is 1 thing, but I’ve gone from wearing XL to wearing Med and from a 40 waist to a 34, I don’t believe I’ve felt this good since I was a teenager; and a lot of years have passed since then. There is nothing greater than knowing I now have the opportunity to grow old with my wife and family.

Having the chance to be an Ambassador for Infinite Fitness and hopefully assist or encourage others with their fitness goals is truly a rewarding experience.


Ambassador Shannon Garnier

My name is Shannon! I’m thirty years old and work at CBU as an Enrolment Services Specialist. I’m currently working on a Master’s degree and teach group fitness classes at Ascendo and the YMCA in Sydney. This is my second Infinite Fitness Every Body transformation challenge. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a teenager – always “yo-yoing” back and forth and could never figure out how to properly maintain my weight. As I was only focusing on “calories in and calories out” and not proper nutrition, I would start dieting and then give up shortly after (one can only eat so many 90 calorie Fiber 1 bars!).

In 2013 I joined Weight Watchers and lost almost thirty pounds. I remember the day I reached my goal weight and thought “yay, I’m done!”. Needless to say I was wrong. It wasn’t long until I was back up to my starting weight and then some. In that time, we bought our first home, I went back to school to do my Master’s, and was working full-time and part-time. I wasn’t making health and fitness a priority anymore and was falling back into hold habits. The more weight I put on, the less drive I had to lose it – until I heard about the Everybody Transformation Challenge.

Last summer I was browsing Facebook and noticed the transformation photos of past participants and was amazed by their results. These were real photos and not doctored before and after photos from an advertisement selling magic weight loss pills. After researching what the program offered, I knew it was exactly what I needed. I’ve always enjoyed exercising, but I never knew what kind of exercise would be most beneficial. I ate seemingly healthy, but I had no idea about nutrition or proper portion sizes (a macro-what?). I sent in my registration and anxiously waited for the 12-week challenge to start.

Within the first few days of the challenge I was already seeing huge differences. I was no longer craving sugary foods, I was sleeping 100% better, I had more energy, and every day I felt stronger. The scale moved slightly, but I could tell my clothes were fitting better after just one week and that was enough for me to keep going. Over the 12 weeks, I lost almost 25 pounds and more than 25 inches. I could see muscles that I didn’t even know existed and for the first time in my life I felt “fit”.

This challenge really changed my outlook on health and fitness and allowed me to focus the changes in my body rather than obsessing with the number on the scale. I weigh more than I did when I was my “goal” weight, but my body is much more toned now than it was then. The number on the scale really is just that – a number. With this program you will focus more on other things that are better indications of how healthy you are – energy levels, inches lost, and reaching milestones at the gym.

For anyone who is interested in the transformation challenge, or who is currently doing it, my only advice is to trust the process! Don’t get discouraged if you are not seeing the results right away. They WILL come as long as you stick with it and don’t give up. Ashley and Laura are extremely knowledgeable and genuinely want to see each and every person reach their goals. They are always there to help and to answer any questions we have (even when they are on vacation with their families for two weeks!!). I would encourage anyone to take the first step and invest in themselves and their health. It was the best decision I ever made.


Ambassador Corey MacEachern

As someone who has battled with my weight for years I often tried different diets, and weight loss fads that were a quick fix for me. It would work for a few months then I would quickly resort back to my old ways and return to square one. After being told about this program through a friend, and the benefits it had I was nervous to try it at first. I thought about it and it seemed like it was too much to take on. But I thought what do I have to lose. Quickly I realized this was no fad or quick fix. This was something that would change my life for the better. With detailed workouts, and meal plans laid out for you it quickly can become addicting. After my first challenge was completed I have a completely different mindset compared to 5 months ago. I use to be focused on the scale, and losing weight. Now I’m into lifting heavy, and training towards building muscle. This program really is for anyone. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, trim some inches off your body, cut for the summer, or look to gain size. This is the challenge for you. It really has changed me and I can’t see myself slowing down anytime soon. I was afraid to step outside my comfort zone and try it and first, but now I’m so glad I did, and I can’t believe how far I’ve come.


Ambassador Max Taylor

Working as a paramedic I see the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle everyday. I also have a young family who I want to make sure I am here for. I started the journey of getting back in shape about a year ago but I had no idea where to start. I quickly found myself becoming discouraged and giving up, until this plan. The recipes were easy, fun and delicious and the exercise plan challenged me. But the support you receive is the best part. You truly become a part of a community! Ashley and laura, and the staff at Ascendo inspire you and make you feel welcome. This challenge has honestly changed my relationship with food and exercise and I’ve never felt so good!


Ambassador Randy Wadden

Hey, my name is Randy Wadden and I am a Civil Engineering student at Dalhousie. In my spare time I like to play and watch sports, go to my local gym, and relax when i get the chance. I am also a server/bartender. I am currently participating in my second Every Body Transformation Challenge, and it definitely will not be the last. One thing I find great is competing against friends looking to win, but also being there to encourage the other participants to have the best transformation they can.


Ambassador Melissa Chenell

I grew up on the Magdalen Islands, a small archipelago in the middle of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. After living in Halifax for several years, in 2015, I moved to Cape Breton with my partner, Mike Pearson, to be closer to his daughter, Hailey. I am co-owner of Splinter Sisters-Unique Art, Furniture & Decor and I also have a chocolate lab named Lacey.

Since adolescence, my weight has fluctuated dramatically, mostly due to my struggle with mental health. I have always been an emotional eater and I lacked the desire to consistently exercise. I also didn’t know the first thing about working out. I couldn’t even run for 1 minute without getting cramps and quitting. I remember spending hours trying to find something to wear when I had to go out and I would cry and be miserable when something didn’t fit right. I hated having my picture taken and shopping for clothes always ended in defeat. When my only pair of jeans no longer fit, I was willing to do anything.

With the encouragement and support of Mike, I set out on a path to becoming a healthier and happier person, which included me quitting smoking (add on 15lbs). Mike was an avid runner and with his extreme patience and coaching, I was finally able to run my first 5k! Together, we joined a gym with the intention of going everyday. After about a week, I was anxiety ridden and would find every excuse possible to avoid going to the gym. I would park my car out front and try to talk myself into going in, only to drive away feeling like a fat failure.

In August 2016, after seeing the extreme success my friend, Ashley Buckingham, had achieved with the 12 week Every Body Transformation Challenge (EBTC), I decided that I had to give it a try as well. I put aside my extreme fear of failure and signed up immediately.

I put in headphones and pushed through my anxiety at the gym. I was shocked to learn that everyone else in the gym wasn’t looking at me! I was equally shocked to learn that many of them felt the same way I did. After just a short time, I found that exercising helped me feel significantly better on the inside. I was less depressed, I felt stronger, I had more endurance, I slept better, and eventually, the inches started falling off. I had been on “diets” before and I always felt deprived and starved. This was different. I was eating delicious food all the time and still, somehow shrinking!

I always have wanted to inspire others to be better and to become an advocate for mental health. Since starting this new fitness lifestyle, I have received so many messages and comments from numerous people telling me how I had inspired them to quit smoking or motivated them to eat better and exercise. Its an extremely powerful thing to be able to help someone else change their life and I am so proud that I get to do it with Infinite Fitness. Owners/coaches Ashley and Laura have developed an incredible program that can work for anyone at any fitness level. They create a nutrition and workout program designed specifically for you and your goals, considering any ailments (i.e. bad knees) or food intolerance’s (i.e. gluten or lactose allergies) you may have. The amount of support from them, as well as fellow challengers and ambassadors is unlimited. I feel extremely fortunate to have a new set of friends who are always motivating and inspiring me to be better everyday as well.


Ambassador Nicole Parago

Nicole grew up in Cape Breton, always playing high level sports; both basketball and rugby. She was always in good shape until university hit, and the stress of nursing school helped to pack on some unwanted pounds. Nicole tried out lots of different fad dietings along with yo-yo dieting, she would lose 20 lbs then gain it back plus a few more, never able to keep the weight off, always feeling tired and uncomfortable.
Back in September, 2016 Nicole seen a post on Facebook and decided to jump in and try out the Infinite Fitness Everybody Transformation Challenge; even though she always hated going to the gym and swore she would never buy a gym pass again. Since joining the challenge, Nicole has lost 20 lbs, and close to 50 inches and has fallen in love with fitness again at Ascendo Gym.
Laura and Ashley are beyond amazing what they do, and have created a remarkable community by sharing their knowledge and love for healthy living. Nicole is beyond grateful for being a part of Infinite Fitness!


Ambassador Courtney Thorne

Hello my name is Courtney Thorne. I am a substitute teacher with the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board and I am currently employed at Cape Breton University as an enrolment services professional. I joined Ascendo Fitness in 2013 and I was immediately hooked to the atmosphere. Ascendo Fitness quickly became my second home. The staff at Ascendo Fitness are very welcoming, helpful, and knowledgable. I decided to join the Infinite Fitness Every Body Transformation Challenge in January 2016. I have participated in every challenge thus far and Laura and Ashley continue to amaze me with their knowledge and ability to motivate others. I decided to become an ambassador for the Every Body Transformation Challenge after the first challenge. I have a passion for fitness and I wanted to help others throughout their challenge journey. If you are looking to develop a healthy active lifestyle look no further, the Infinite Fitness Every Body Transformation Challenge is for you!


Ambassador Alyssa Campbell

My name is Alyssa and I’m 27 years old. I’ve struggled with my weight for about the last 5 years , prior to that – I was pretty healthy , active and in somewhat decent shape. However, like everyone – life happens , I was attending post secondary education at the time and just totally stress ate ! This lead to 5 years of fad diets , no carb , low carb, no fat , no sugar – heck I tried pills , I tried weight loss wraps , I even punished myself with hours of cardio ! I’m getting married in 2017 , and didn’t want to feel that way on my wedding day , you know the “I hate my body “,”nothing fits right” – “hand me another cheeseburger feeling” . So , I seen some results from Ashley Buckingham (ambassador) on Facebook, she was participating in the group every body transformation challenge , she looked great – and at that moment I realized , this is it – this is when I take control of my life . I joined the challenge in September , and while I only lost what might seem like a measly 5lbs . I felt incredible , people complimented me on how great I looked …. But it really hit home when I looked at my before and after photos ! Wow ! That feeling was fantastic , Ashley and Laura are a fantastic duo – always there when you need that reassurance or someone to just vent at when things aren’t going as you planned . But the most love comes from yourself and the great group of participants- everyone is always sending worlds of positive encouragement to each other helping each other push thru, it’s it’s own world – free of negativity , free of judging , and full of love from people you may not even know .
“you’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”


Ambassador Wayne Hillier

I am 33 years old , I am a single father of 2 kids ages 16 and 11. I am a full time nurse at the regional hospital, and also work part time at a long term care facility I had joined Ascendo over a year an ago a half prior to the challenge as a novice member. I didn’t see the result I had wished for so decided to give this challenge. Two weeks in to the first challenge I noticed significant changes to my body mentally and physically. Noticing the changes made me strive for more!

Soon after my family and friends noticed changes were i strongly recommended the challenge to everyone no matter what fitness level. The coaches Laura and Ashley are amazing at what they do and constantly encourage me throughout the journey.


Ambassador Ashley Buckingham

Through my entire adult life I have had ups and downs with my weight, and struggled on my own with many diets and exercise routines without ever seeing lasting effects.

Finally in April of 2016, I came to my lowest point where at my heaviest and most unhealthy I had ever been, I knew I needed help. I reached out to trainers Ashley and Laura, who encouraged me to try this new program they had recently designed. I was curious but also nervous, as I had failed many times on my own and was feeling insecure and totally defeated. And so in May I entered into the Every Body Transformation with an open mind and hopeful outlook, I learned about strength training and learned about flexible dieting – 2 pillars which I now live by as a permanent Lifestyle choice.

Within weeks I could see and feel the changes happening in my body. I was shedding fat and gaining muscle. My energy levels increased dramatically, and with my results, my confidence and self esteem increased as well. I pushed through the first challenge and actually won first place overall, which was really just a bonus, as the real prize was a total health transformation, that I never would have believed possible in 12 weeks.

I am now taking part in my third challenge, feeling the fittest, strongest, and healthiest I have ever felt in my life. All the while having gained roll models, friends, teammates, and countless sources of motivation that still surprise and inspire me every single day. Along with the amazing meal and workout plans, The support, encouragement, and overall positivity in the group is what keeps me coming back. I have fellow challengers now who I look up to and strive to be like, and I have challengers just starting out who I see so much of myself in and feel so blessed to be able to help push and motivate everyday, which in itself is probably the most rewarding part for me at this point.

So After 3 challenges, I’m still completely hooked, and can’t see myself ever wanting to walk away from such an empowering, incredible process that changes lives in such an amazing way. I can only send the most heartfelt thank you to the trainers, and to everyone involved. Not only have you changed my life, you have helped me reach a point where I can now help to change the lives of others. This movement is contagious, and I feel so lucky to be a part of this program.


Ambassador Stephanie MacPhee

I started training at Ascendo Fitness in 2015 with Laura and Ashley. I work as a radio announcer for 101.9 The Giant, and play roller derby for the Cape Breton Tar City Rollers. I trained with them for a year before they encouraged me to join their Everybody Transformation Challenge. It was this challenge that really helped me take control of my fitness and diet to live an active healthy life and reach my athletic goals. I’ve been to many gyms in the past but Ascendo, Ashley, Laura and the rest of the Ascendo team has inspired me so greatly I want to become a fitness trainer to give other people the amazing opportunity they have given me.


Ambassador Raquel Wells

Raquel was born in Cape Breton, but has spent most of her life on Prince Edward Island, where she lives with her husband and three year old daughter. She is a primary teacher at her local elementary school.

Raquel’s journey with Infinite Fitness started in September 2016 when she took on her first Every Body Transformation Challenge. Struggling with her weight since the birth of her daughter, she decided it was finally time to make a change. Over the course of the 12 weeks, Raquel learned how to eat to properly fuel her body and started her new path as a healthier person. Raquel has removed 20 lbs and over 20 inches from her body with the guidance and support of the Infinite Fitness team.

Her journey isn’t over yet. Raquel has goals of becoming more fit, lean, and active. Now that she has learned to fuel her body in a healthy way, Raquel plans to become a runner again.

Raquel is always ready to offer support and advice to all challenge members and looks forward to adding Islanders to the Infinite Fitness team!


Ambassador Brent Nicholson

Hello my name is Brent. I am a high school math teacher. I joined the Infinite Every Body Transformation Challenge in January 2016. I have participated in all of the challenges to date. I became an ambassador of the challenge after the first challenge. I became an ambassador to help motivate other challengers along the way.

The Every Body Challenge is a great way to keep yourself accountable. Laura and Ashley will provide you with a meal plan, information on flexible dieting, and a workout plan. There is also a social media group with all of the other challengers who are there to support you and share in the experience. Ascendo fitness has been amazing throughout this challenge. Whether it is helping gym members with their workouts, providing quality information on supplements, or offering a challenger membership price, the Ascendo Fitness staff is there for you. If you are wanting to change your lifestyle and work towards a healthier you, join the Infinite Fitness Every Body Challenge!


Ambassador Breanne Kyte

My name is Breanne Kyte, I’m 28 years old and let me tell you, this challenge has changed my life for the better. For as far back as I can remember, I’ve not only struggled with my weight but I’ve had a miserable relationship with food. Years of neglecting my diet took a toll on both my physical and mental health. After a very brief move away from home in 2012, I came back to Cape Breton at both my heaviest and my lowest, respectfully. It was then that I decided I needed to make a change. At the beginning of 2013 I joined Ascendo as a timid creature who had never even stepped foot in gym before and now I can’t imagine my life without it. Over the course of the following two years, I lost an approximate 65lbs through hard work and healthy choices. But man does life ever have a way of throwing those curveballs! In a little over a year I slowly started putting weight back on, falling back into old habits and putting other peoples needs ahead of my own – I stopped taking care of myself.

In January I approached one of my closest and dearest friends with a seemingly endless list of questions about the Everybody Transformation Challenge. I was met with nothing but positivity and the rest is history. I’ve lost 17lbs after a somewhat rocky start – which is totally okay! Everyone responds differently to training and proper nutrition and apparently my body just needed a little extra time and care. Regardless of what the scale was telling me (or not telling me) I couldn’t get over how amazing I felt. I was sleeping better, the cravings for junk food were eliminated, and I had more energy than I knew what to do with. Coming home sluggish and tired after working a 12 hour shift was over, and I found myself headed to the gym or for a run.

The lessons I’ve learned over the course of the last few months are worth their weight in gold and they’re something that I will carry on to future challenges and daily life. The amount of support from the group is amazing and I would encourage anyone who feels like they are ready to invest in themselves and their health, to take this first step and join an amazing group of people on a truly inspiring journey.


Ambassador Cindy MacPhail

My name is Cindy Macphail. I am a registered nurse and have worked shift work my entire life. My weight has fluctuated since having my 3 daughters. With working full time and raising a family, I neglected myself. I tried all the fad diets and thought if I ate less my weight would go down. I had reached the point where I needed to make a change.

I saw the incredible before and after pics from the transformation challenge and was inspired .I joined my first challenge in September 2016. It was not easy and I actually had to talk myself into going to the gym at first. I learned there were a lot of people in the same boat as I was, just learning and wanting to better themselves like I did.My energy levels improved and I could see changes in my body. Soon I started planning my day around the gym. I looked forward to going and I enjoyed my time there. People were amazing there, so friendly and helpful. The gym was not at all intimidating like what I thought gyms were like. I now bring my two daughters with me and they have come to love it as much as I have. It’s great support and gives us time together as well.

So when I reached my goal and finished the first challenge, I decided to do a second one because I enjoyed the support of the challengers. It kept me motivated. To anyone thinking about this amazing program , please don’t hesitate. It’s life changing. Great for mind , body and soul ! I have absolutely no regrets. And to Laura and Ashley, thanks for such an amazing program !


Ambassador Karina Cyr

I grew up on the Magdalen Islands, QC and now have been living in quebec city for the past 4 years studying to be an x-ray tech! I am a graduate and will be moving back to my little island in the middle of the Gulf at the end of may to hopefully be able to work in my field of study. Now 24 years old and ready to move back home to continue a healthy lifestyle and help out those around me who are or who have been suffering or lacking motivation.

I have always been a chubby child, and my weight has fluctuated my entire life. I have a weakness for sweets and junk food, and had a tendancy to be lazy and not want to do any physical activity. Since I’ve graduated high school in 2010, i’ve been trying to be more “healthy and into fitness” but, i was completely clueless therefore, saw little or no results. Since I have been following the Infinite Fitness page, and the progress of An ambassador that I know, Melissa Chenell, I decided to give the program a try.

It’s about feeling good, looking good and having enough energy to do what we enjoy. I still have a lot of effort to do to have a complete lifestyle change, but everyday is a new day and remember that, every little bit of progress leads to a big change. Last but not least, it is important to stop thinking about what other people think and push through to get what you want, that’s what I had to do . I have surrounded myself by people who are supportive and have flushed all negativity from my life. I am extremely forunate to have friends and family who encourage me and suppport me no matter what, through the good days as well as the bad.

Since the program has started I have had my ups and downs, and have been sick three times. And I have eaten my emotions a few times as well, but I have still managed to lose 12 pounds and feel better with a lot more energy. The motto that I have kept repeating to myself since the beginning is : ” slow and steady wins the race” . It is not about how fast we achieve our goals but most importantly that we work hard to eventually get the results that we want.

Stay positive, work hard and don’t stop until you’re proud!

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Ambassador Mike Pearson

I grew up in Mira Road and graduated from Riverview in 1999. I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2001 and attended basic training in Quebec, my first real introduction to fitness. I was posted to Ontario, Halifax and did several tours including Afghanistan in 2005 and Germany in 2007. I transferred to the Navy and did 5 Operation Caribbean tours. While deployed, myself and a good friend started a fitness program on the flight deck of the ship. We had two classes a day; 6am and 4pm. After most of my twenties being over weight I was finally started to get fit. I retired from the military in February 2015 and moved back to Cape Breton with my amazing girlfriend Melissa Chenell. I found employment at a fantastic local company, Protocase.

Melissa was excited to join the Every Body Transformation Challenge with Infinite Fitness and I agreed to help her through it as she was not a fan of the gym. I supported her through the first challenge and then decided to do the next one with her. Together we have had some amazing results thanks to Infinite Fitness. I have never had the results I was looking for on my own. Ashley and Laura were amazing in designing a plan for me that worked. I have never felt healthier or more fit then I have over the last three months. I can’t wait for more challenges and to help others achieve their goals!

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Ambassador Gail Begg

My name is Gail Begg. I’m 60 years young. I am a grandmother, a partner in my husbands business, Begg Construction, and I work for Ambassatours Grey Line when the cruise ships visit Sydney.

I have been struggling with weight issues since I was 15 or 16 years old. I always felt like I never measured up to my “skinny friends”. I’ve gone from weight watchers , where I lost the initial weight, to yo-yo dieting over the years. When my children were young I did home work outs “Jane Fonda ” and did feel a lot better emotionally and physically. Bad habits raised their ugly heads and soon the weight was back on, especially after each of my three children. One day about 5 years ago I picked up a weight training book on sale that had a home workout program and I started following it. Then I joined a local gym but I did not find any encouragement there. I was pretty much on my own. When Ascendo opened up I loved the idea of a bright and open and airy gym.

Finally, I joined Ascendo and started going to classes and training with Laura and Karmen Brown and I now train with Ashley. They were and are great motivators yet I was relying on them too much. I needed to take charge. I did my first challenge in the spring of 2016 and had good success. I then went across the USA and Canada riding my own motorcycle along with my husband. I feel I was able to do this because of my training at the gym. Nine weeks later I went back to the gym. I had put on a few pounds. OK, I said “Time to crack down”. I went online and was advised to cut my calories down. So I did, along with working out. The result? No energy and no progress and really very little muscle gain.

I turned again to Ashley & Laura and started this past challenge. They advised me to eat 1800 calories along with the exercise program. My first question: am I going to gain weight? The answer no! Now, I’m almost at the end of my challenge. I don’t get on the scale because it causes me too much anxiety. However, my successes are: my skirts are fitting better, my jeans fit better, my tops fit better. I have energy. I feel strong. I feel good mentally which, for me, is ultimately the best result. I encourage everyone to try this program. It works whether you’re only able to work out at home or you are able to get to the gym. Laura and Ashley are so supportive in helping me to maintain my fitness goals as well as providing a eating program that works for me. My fellow challengers inspire me every day to keep at it. When I’m at a low I read their comments and I see I’m not alone. My attitude and my self esteem grows each day. If you decide to join this group, you will never regret it!

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Ambassador Calista Crawley

My name is Calista and I joined the Every Body Transformation Challenge January 8th 2017.

In January 2016, I ended up getting sick, which caused me to be hospitalized for a period of time causing me to go through multiple medical treatments and taking medications. After that rough ride, I ended up gaining a lot of weight and I just could not get it off, I then inquired Ashley Petrie about the challenge and she walked me through it all, I then got the confidence in myself again to give it a try, and now I seriously can’t even imagine not being apart of it.

Between the meal plans and doing workouts just in 8 weeks alone I lost a total of 21 pounds and 19 inches with still 4 weeks left to go. I could not even believe it. Not only did that help along the way, but the private Facebook group as well, we all have each other and are one big fit family who support each other everyday, to give you that motivation and that drive to push yourself. I am so excited and all around so happy to be apart of this amazing experience that I have entered. Laura and Ashley did such an amazing job putting this all together and do an amazing job by being there for all of us good days and bad days. I cant wait to continue this journey and to help amazing people reach their goals. To describe this challenge in one word mine would be – Incredible 💞

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Ambassador Deneca Pelley

Throughout my life I’ve had many highs and lows with my weight, often fluctuating through the years. About 5-6 years ago I was in the best shape of my life due to exercising and eating right. Then life happened and I lost all motivation. As a result, all the weight I worked so hard to take off came right back!

It’s been a struggle to get back to where I was as I was lacking the motivation that I had found before. Then I happened to stumble upon the Every Body Transformation challenge on FB and was amazed at the success others have had with it. I loved the idea of being part of a group that supported and encouraged one another, as well as being given a meal and workout plan that was tailored for me! I decided to check it out and am so glad that I did. Laura and Ashley have been amazing! They are there to support everyone, answer any questions and make any adjustments to your plan if it’s not working for you in one way or another. The workouts are fun but challenging and I love that they change every few weeks so you never get bored with them! Plus, I can’t say enough positive things about the FB support group consisting of fellow challengers! The support is amazing! You’ll never feel like you’re doing this on your own!

I am excited to take part in my second challenge in April! I am so thankful that I took a chance with this challenge as it was exactly what I needed to get me pointed in the right direction again! I am so lucky to be part of this program and would recommend anyone else on the fence to take a chance. You won’t regret it!!

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Ambassador Jennifer Williams

My name is Jennifer Williams and I am a 37-year-old wife, mom, and step-mom. I have an amazingly supportive husband and three wonderful children (ages 6, 16, and 18). I have a busy life working full-time and caring for my family. I am just finishing the last few weeks of my first Every Body Transformation Challenge.

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with my weight. I have tried many diet and exercise programs in the past. I saw success with some of them and managed to lose weight over the years. But, my weight would always creep back up over time and I’d be back to square one. Since the birth of my daughter, I knew I had to do something to lose the weight and keep it off. I want to be healthy and able to fully participate in life with my family.

This January, I decided to commit to making a major change in my life for my health and well-being. I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin again and feel confident in my appearance. I can honestly say that the Every Body Transformation Challenge has completely changed my life. Laura and Ashley have taught me the proper foods to eat and how to balance my diet so that it is optimal for weight loss and management. I have learned about macronutrients and the percentage of each type I should be consuming daily. This was something that I had never considered in the past. I thought as long as I ate less, I would lose weight. With this new information and the tools provided, it has been simple to follow the meal plan and I know this way of eating is now my new normal. On this plan I am never hungry, never feel deprived, and I am fueling my body with lots of nutritious food. I feel fantastic!

The workouts that Laura and Ashley have developed for participants are challenging, but people at any fitness level can do them. I have been a runner for a few years and I absolutely love cardio workouts (I know, weird, right?). I never liked strength training and avoided it at all costs. I am so glad that I joined the EBTC and started using weights in my workout routines because I have noticed major changes in my body over the past 12 weeks. I feel so much stronger and more toned. The most important thing I’ve learned throughout this journey is that the number on the scale is NOT the most important thing! It is all about how you feel. You will lose inches on this program if you follow the meal plan and exercise routines. Remember, the scale will move eventually! Stick with it, and you will see results.

Laura and Ashley are amazingly supportive, encouraging, and accessible to everyone in this group. As well, the ambassadors of this program are always here to help and encourage you on this journey. We genuinely want everyone to succeed and make lasting positive changes in their lives. Best of luck to all challengers – do it for YOU!

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Ambassador Amanda MacNeil

Hi Challengers, my name is Amanda Mac Neil. I am currently participating in my second Every Body Transformation Challenge.This is by far the best thing I have done for my self. All the people are amazing they keep me accountable and they are definitely helping me to be a better version of myself. I have always been up and down with my weight trying every pill, diet and this and that out there and yes some have worked but the weight quickly came back.

The last few years have been a big change for me. I had 2 girls with in 3 years and I was at my all time high and could not look at my self was depressed and ashamed. I can’t remember where or what it was but I remember being some where and a mother and her little girl where there and the little girl asked her mother to do something and then the mom said to her daughter hunny you know I am too big for that and I said to my self I am not going to be that mom.I then got a gym membership to Ascendo Fitness and the second day I was there I heard someone talking about the Every Body Transformation Challenge. I figured I had nothing to lose and I would give it a shot, and I have got to say it is the best thing I have ever done.

It’s a life style change. I feel like a totally new person. I feel so much better with more energy and all around a better me. The people in the challenge are there for you and keep you going. I used to be so afraid to try anything at the gym and would not do any class cause I always thought what would people think but everyone there made it so wonderful and I was not scared.In the first challenge I did the home work out for 9 out of the 12 weeks and lost 47 pounds and the second challenge so far down 15 and changing my body. I just want to say don’t be scared and if I can do it anyone can

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Ambassador Jennifer Radtke Jardine

Hi Challengers, I am Jennifer and am 36 years old, a wife, mother of 2 and a Registered Nurse who works full time in the Operating Room. I have done 3 challenges to date and the last one was my most successful. I have struggled with my weight for most of my life, and have done many programs and quick fixes but the results were only short term.

I joined Ascendo gym in 2013 began training with Laura and in January 2016 I joined the first Infinite Fitness Everybody Transformation Challenge. Since making these changes in my life I have become more accepting of my journey, and I was reminded that the journey I am on is not a short term one, but it is a life long one.

Since starting this journey I have become stronger both physically and mentally. I still have bad days and I continue to learn from them but most importantly is that I do not allow that one or even two bad days to sabotage me like I once did in the past. We will all reach our goals whatever they may be, mine is to lose weight and just be healthier me for myself and my family. Just know that this group is here to support you in all your achievements and to send along extra support & encouragement on those days that aren’t going so well.

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Ambassador Amy Begg

Hi everyone. I’m Amy…I’m 38 yrs old, I’m 4ft 11 inches and weigh 95lbs. I’m also the proud Mommy two quirky boys. One who’s 12 and the other who is 9 (almost 10). I also work full time as a general Manager.

Hubby and I used to hit the gym a few times a week before kids. As many people find life takes over and things get busy.
I had open heart surgery a few years ago and feel better than I’ve ever felt. I had stomach issues last year and ended up going down in weight to 89lbs. Now everything is healthy so I need to get stronger and fitter. I joined the last challenge with goal to put some muscle on and get my cardiovascular system healthier. I did that and so much more on the challenge!

My journey might have been for different reasons than some but the group and its ambassadors helped me to find success. I had numerous non-scale victories along the way. I now love seeing my muscles and my strength grow, I don’t feel skinny anymore!

My strength has increased and my anxiety level has gone down. When I don’t hit the gym I totally miss it and my body craves it. A meal plan made sure that I was eating enough and drinking my water. It helped me show my kids by example how to stay healthy and show them that its a journey, a way of life and not something that after 12 weeks you quit.

You will LOVE this challenge, it will teach you about food, life, encouragement and the journey to a better you. That’s what it did for me. You will get amazing support from Laura and Ashley and the other ambassadors. When we start we may feel guilty (I did) about time spent away from home or family but in the long run you will be a better YOU, a better Mom,a better partner,a better employee.

Be courageous and Take the leap!! The first day of a better way of life can start with signing up for the next challenge TODAY!!


Ambassador Shelaine O’Donnell-Larade

My name is Shelaine O’Donnell-Larade and I am an elementary school teacher in the Halifax area. I am currently enrolled in my Masters of Education at MSVU and will be finished this July (Yahoo)! I am from Cape Breton and return often to visit family and friends.

I joined the Everybody Transformation Challenge in January 2017. I was in need of a change. After seeing the amazing results from previous challenges, I thought the EBTC might be just what I was looking for!

Prior to joining, I noticed I wasn’t motivated with my workouts anymore, and when I was at the gym, I didn’t want to be there. I tried different workout programs and some quick-fix diets but nothing seemed to stick. But this challenge has been totally different.

Since joining, I cannot believe the changes I see in myself. I have become stronger, both physically and mentally. I have learned so much about proper nutrition, flexible eating (macro counting is the best kept secret!!), and I have fallen in love with the gym again.

I just knew I had to become an ambassador because I cannot say enough about what this program did for me and my lifestyle. I am confident that anyone can succeed with the tools that the EBTC gives you, if you stick with it. This is not a quick-fix diet, it is a lifestyle change!


Ambassador Lisa McPhee

I am a busy stay at home mom of twin girls who are 2 years old. I always considered myself fit but after giving birth in March 2015 I just didn’t have the time or dedication to keep up my fitness routine. After seeing a picture of myself 8 months later I decided I needed to make it myself a priority. I then joined Ascendo Fitness and dropped my goal of 60 pounds but soon after plateaued and wasn’t seeing any results for months.

I made the decision to take the Every Body Transformation Challenge in January and it’s the best thing I have ever done for myself. It gave me the knowledge of what I can fuel my body with along with the exercises to achieve my goal of toning up and becoming stronger. I’m so thankful I took this challenge on, I am a more mindful person now when it comes to my health. Take the time to invest in yourself and trust me this plan is one that really works.


Ambassador Alice Falconer

My name is Alice Falconer and I am currently finishing my second Every Body Transformation Challenge. I’m 31 years old and originally from Cape Breton. I currently live in Middle Sackville, NS and work in the QE 2 trauma centre ER. I originally signed up for this challenge with hopes to tone up before my wedding and to lose the excess baby weight I’ve been holding onto since my beautiful baby girl, Nora, was born.

I have always been a pretty active person growing up so I was very excited to start doing the work outs. Working shift work is tough on the body as many of us know, not only from a physical aspect but mental perspective as well. The Every Body Transformation Challenge has literally changed my life. I have so much more energy, my mood has improved and now I enjoy looking in the mirror and am elated to visualize all my hard work!

I’ve been doing a mix of home and at gym work outs as I find it’s hard to get out of the house at times. I’m not always 100% on my game but it’s a lifestyle now and we all have our slip ups. We just need to remember that you don’t need to be great to start, but you DO need to start to be great! A huge thanks to Ashley and Laura for changing my life, you girls are amazing! And my motivational mantra “SWEAT IS JUST FAT CRYING”

Alice Falconer

Ambassador Matthew Rizzato

My name is Matthew Rizzato and I am currently finishing my first challenge and planning to participate in the next. I decided to give the first one a shot in Jan 2017 I figured what do I have to lose.

I’ve always been going to the gym in some sort of way for about 10 years but never got the results I wanted or was looking for or I’d end up pushing myself too hard and then hurting myself and basically be back at square one. So when I saw the EBTC and all the positive things that were being said about it I immediately signed up. I can not describe how happy I’ve been with the results I’ve been seeing so far. I’ve seen a change in my body composition but more importantly I’ve been learning how to eat right and fuel my body with what it needs to complete the program. I’ve also noticed a decreased level in stress and sleeping much better every night. So many positive comments and support out of this group and from Ashley and Laura! It’s hard but it’s worth it in the end.


Ambassador Petra Buis

After experiencing a previous weight loss and maintaining it for years I fell off track and put the weight back on plus more. I knew I could do it again but found it hard to commit to the process. I work a Monday to Friday job and find it very tiring after work to push through a work out. After a few weeks of the routine of this program I felt myself becoming addicted to the gym and the feeling of accomplishment. Every day is a little different with finding the right time to work out, but this program made it very easy to fit into my busy schedule with my work and volunteer commitments.
What I’ve learned from this challenge and want to help others is it really is a life style change. I’ve tried the crash diets and they’re not long term. This program teaches you the tools of how to be successful, and it’s not over night which is what people expect.
In phase one I gave it my all, I lost about 8 pounds and was so excited. In phase 2 I got frustrated, I felt so stuck and needed to look back at pictures to remind myself. I fluctuated the same 3 pounds up and down the entire phase. Into phase 3 I tried to let go of my frustrations and fluctuated 3 pounds up and down but was less discouraged. I lost a total of 13 pounds, I’m still about 13 lbs away from my goal weight but feel great. When looking at my pictures it feels greater than 13lbs and i managed to finish in third place! I can’t thank this program enough for the changes i made and look forward to helping others make the changes and push through the frustrations!


Ambassador Kim MacDonald

Kim is a mother of three and an elementary school teacher. Kim has always struggled with keeping motivated on a constant basis through exercise and healthy eating. Because Kim has such a hectic life style, she would often put her self aside when it came to self-care. This past April, Kim decided she would start focussing on becoming more healthy both physically and mentally. She took a leap of faith and joined the Everybody Infinite Fitness Challenge. Through hard work and dedication, she won first place in the woman’s division.

Since then, Kim has continued to make smarter choices through exercising and healthy eating. She looks forward to help motivate others while working to improve herself at the same time.


Ambassador Terri Lynn Evoy Pynn

Terri lynn is originally from Newfoundland but now lives in Cape Breton working as a social worker.
After struggling since a car accident with a back and shoulder injury I needed a win. It wasn’t even about the weight gain as a result of emotional eating and inactivity as much as feeling so weak and useless. I had contacted the girls 2 challenges ago to find more about the program and but thought there is no way it’s going to work I can’t do the workouts ! Well June rolls around and I see the promo for the summer survival challange and decided I have nothing to lose after trying several cookie cutter programs with no success.
Then fast forward to 5 weeks into the challange and I am down 11lbs and 14 inches!
I honestly cannot say enough good about this program! It’s tailored to you and is actually an every body transformation challange! The incredible support provided by Laura and Ashley and the group is beyond compare!
I thought I would just never feel like myself again! Honestly if you are looking for a change with no gimmicks. They work with all fitness levels and injuries! This is the most supportive and motivating experience of my life! This is only just the beginning.


Ambassador Colleen MacPhee

My name’s Colleen, I’m 32, live in Halifax, and am a stay at home mom to a very energetic 11/2 year old boy. This will be my fourth challenge and first as an ambassador. I has a lot of success with my first challenge and it changes my life. I’ve always loved going to the gym but never knew what workout to do or how to eat properly for my body and goals. I had a few unexpected things (life!) happen during my second challenge and multiple vacations over the spring and summer that normally would have thrown me back into bad habits for far too long. Many of the tools I gained without my previous challenges had me waking up the next day to brush myself off and get back on the wagon. I’m so looking forward to being able to share my challenges (mostly with food bc I’m so picky) and successes with everyone. Most importantly, I can’t wait to help everyone meet their goals!!


Ambassador Julie Forrest

I am currently finishing my second challenge. Born and raised in Cape Breton my whole life . I have always considered myself a pretty active person but the last four years, eating habits mixed with lack of activity has really taken it’s toll on me mentally and physically. Last winter negativity creeped in a little more then I liked ! I strive to be a positive person and always look at the brighter side but for the first time in years, I needed help finding my way. A friend mentioned how great the EBTC challange was and I decided what have I got to loose. It just may have been the best decision and biggest step I have taken in my life. For me, I need structure and accountability to keep me going. This program offers just that. Since joining, I have lost 24 inches over all and gained a whole lot of clarity in the way I think. Laura,Ashley, and all of the infinite fitness family just have a way of making you feel proud,strong, and most importantly, empowered ! Anyone can work out , eat better and loose some weight. I believe the key to really being successful is changing the way you think . Loving how strong you are . Turning the “no I can’t ” to ” YES YOU CAN ” ! . It’s the best feeling in the world when you run that extra minute Or you lift 5 more pounds than last week . All those small accomplishments add up and by the end of three months you’re going to be blown away by the person you are now and the person you were . For me, this program was a life changer and I can’t help but want to spread the infinite love with as many people that need that little push. It’s a no brainer this program is for everyone. I have nothing but gratitude and love for all the people I have met along the way that are helping me to become the best me yet .

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Ambassador Deanne Corbett

Hello, I am a married mom of two very busy kids. I work full time and depending on the season I spend my evenings usually at a rink or a soccer field. I feel that over the last number of years i focussed more on my family and less on myself. I always made up excuses of how busy I was and that I didn’t have time for the gym or meal prep when in fact I was just stuck in the same bad eating routine that fit my busy schedule. I knew I had to make some changes in my life and that’s when I decided to try the Infinite Fitness Challenge. This program really changed the way I look at food and exercise. I followed the meal plan to a tee for the first 6 weeks and then I did the flexible plan for the last 6 weeks by using my fitness pal and making sure everything I ate fit into my plan. I exercised at least 5-6 days a week doing both the home and gym program and had very successful results. I now have more energy then I have ever had and am looking forward to a very healthy future. This program really changed my life. ❤️


Ambassador Brandi Ward

Hi I’m Brandi. Im a mother of 2 small children and employee with DCS child welfare. This is my first challenge but definitely not my last. One of my good friends, Kim Macdonald insisted I try out this program and I of course made excuses why I couldn’t find the time. But one day I decided it was time to start putting myself first. After my second child i quickly realized something was wrong. Shortly after I was diagnosed with severe post partum. As someone who’s usually very happy and could not wait to be a mom, being so disconnected from my family really hit me hard. I also put on over 85 pounds with my pregnancies and constantly struggled to get back in shape. I did not think I could do classes, work outs or even follow a meal plan so successfully . But This program in just 12 shorts weeks has made a huge improvement on my mind body and overall health. I can not thank Kim enough for giving me that extra nudge. The support in this group is overwhelming and I’m honoured to be a part of everyone’s success story. We are a team, supporting one another and I can’t wait to start supporting others as your ambassador 🙂. Come on January’s Challenge!


Ambassador Karen Lewis

Hi, my name is Karen Lewis! I am 56 years old, married and mother to 2 adult children. I have 2 adorable grandchildren (and some fur-grandbabies 🐶🐱). This will be my 5th challenge and one Summer Survival program with Infinite Fitness💕and I love it! I have struggled with my weight/body image probably most of my adult life and have tried so many different ‘weight loss’ programs over the years I have lost count (some with success but not maintained). Infinite Fitness gives you a meal plan, an exercise routine, more support than you can imagine from Coaches Ashley and Laura and all participants in the group. This is not a quick fix, this is a lifestyle you will commit to. Everything is flexible… modifications for every exercise, flexible eating, attending a gym or doing it at home – whatever fits your needs!! 

If you see me at the gym feel free to ask me questions (I may not have the answer but I’m willing to help!), the FB group is terrific for quick responses to questions, and Ashley and Laura are always available.
So, this has become my new lifestyle! I work at this everyday with meal prep, exercise, gym time, etc. But the most important thing I have started to embrace is “I’m worth it” and I know you are too! 💕😊


Ambassador Charlotte Carew

I am a 36 year old mom of 3 busy kids. I have struggled with my weight for a long time and tried pretty much everything on the market. The reality is that I still dont have time to go to the gym, so I didnt even join. I simply became more active with the time I do have….not ideal, but better than nothing. I always loved to exercise and play sports, but once the kids came, I didnt make time for myself. The past few years, I completely spiraled out of control, feeling the worst I have in a long time! I heard about this challenge from lots of friends who were successful with it, so I decided to join my first challenge in September and in only 12 short weeks, I transformed into a completely different person. I gained my confidence back and was ready to stop making excuses. I make healthier food choices and notice my family following my lead. I am down 30 pounds and piles of inches. The motivation and support you receive is absolutely incredible. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first…but so glad I took the plunge. I cant wait to start the next challenge and see what it has in store. If you want to jot my name down as an ambassador, I can help you with your goals! Cheers to a happy, healthy 2018!