Two New Goodies

Infinite Fitness has some exciting news. This January Program we are giving our members the opportunity to try one of our two new pilot programs for no extra charge. Here’s the details:


Trainer Ashley has been busy putting together a Strength Training for Runners Program to run alongside our January Program.

You do not need to be marathon ready to participate in this program, it is designed for those who are running any distance and/or time and looking to find the perfect balance. 

Check out her post on our Facebook Page for more details.

p up post

Our Trainer, Laura, has also been busy building a program to help you work on your posterior chain.

Many of us spend a huge part of our day sitting. Sitting while at your desk, while driving, watching TV, eating dinner, etc. This sitting position causes the muscles of the anterior chain to get shorter and tighter while the muscles of the posterior chain can become weakened and often times completely impeded. Weak, disrupted posterior chain muscles = poor posture + possible back pain/injury + possible knee pain/injury.

Check out her full post here.

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