We Never Fail…

While I was driving today, I heard an interesting “fact” on the radio.

84% of people who start a “diet” will fail.

When we think of the word diet we often automatically begin to think about restrictions. 
How often do people give up carbs as a dieting plan? Did you know carbs are the bodies main energy source?
What about calorie restriction? How often is it said “well I just need to eat less and I’ll lose weight”? Did you know when you excessively restrict calories you actually will put your body into starvation mode creating metabolic damage?

We take pride in our program because you are never on a diet, we teach what healthy eating looks like. The difference with healthy eating vs “dieting” is that it is sustainable, you can never fail, all you are doing is eating the appropriate amount of macronutrients to fuel your body efficiently for your everyday needs.

Infinite Fitness is a family of like minded people working together to create change. If you are someone who is looking for this healthy lifestyle shift you’ll want to be part of our April Challenge.

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