September Challenge $500 Winners!

Congratulations to Jeff McDonald!! Our male $500 winner!


This challenge has changed my life dramatically. I never cared about fitness until I had kids. Then I realized I can’t go on like this! Always tired and feeling crappy. I ran into Laura one day at a kids event and started talking. I went to her for some training sessions. I’ve tried the gym many times but always failed because I had no direction. I did my first challenge a year and a half ago and never looked back. It’s a new way of life for me. I feel healthier stronger and way more energetic!!! I am very grateful to her and Ashley for getting someone like me who has a hectic lifestyle with four kids and a lot of work responsibilities to enjoy fitness! Thanks girls. Let’s keep it going!! – Jeff

Way to go Deanne Corbett – our $500 Female Winner!


This is my first Challenge and I am proud to say it is just the beginning for me. I have finally learned how to achieve my goals in a healthy way with proper nutrition and workouts. I am happy I took this leap and signed up as I really feel it changed my life. – Deanne

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