Pediatric TLC Fund

Infinite Fitness donates $5 for every registration from the Every Body Transformation to the PEDS TLC fund at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital and $725 came directly from each and every one of you who took part in our Summer Survival Challenge. 

See their post here

They just keep giving and supporting our hospital. We can’t thank them enough. 

Ascendo Fitness / Supplement King Sydney and Infinite Fitness were back to the pediatrics unit yesterday with another cheque for $725.00

These two community leaders have given again to the Pediatrics TLC Fund. 

The Pediatrics TLC Fund helps ensure doctors and nurses have the tools they need to provide world-class care at home for children in Cape Breton.

Pediatrics TLC Fund Quick Facts:

•The Pediatrics TLC Fund provides financial support to families with sick children

•The Fund is 100% donor funded

•The Fund helps with expenses such as travel, income replacement, medications, etc…

•In 2016, more than $26,765 was disbursed to families with sick children

•Each month, up to 11 families rely on the fund for financial support

Thank you Ascendo Fitness and Infinite Fitness for your continued support. 

#BecauseUCare #CapeBreton #GiveWhereYouLive

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