Summer Survival Challenge!

summer survival 2

Greetings Challengers!

Infinite Fitness is excited to announce their exclusive Summer Survival Challenge!

Summertime always seems to be the time of year where people neglect their health and fitness goals!! We have created a program that will let you stay on track all while being able to relax and have fun!

What you get:

  • Fun, speedy workouts for the gym, home, or sunny outdoors!
  • A detailed, flexible eating plan filled with quick and easy recipes!
  • Daily access to our certified Personal Trainers and Healthy Eating for Weight Loss Specialists!
  • Access to our online Motivational Fitness group where you can share your successes, your struggles, recipes, ask questions and get inspired!
  • Optional Group activities such as hiking, fitness classes, yoga, etc!

Start date: July 9!
Registration opens: June 5!
Cost: $100

We are so excited for this program and hope you join us!!!

Register Here!

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