Who is Ashley?


Ashley Petrie

Infinite Fitness Owner/ Co-CEO and Ascendo Fitness Personal Trainer

Ashley always imagined and hoped her life would consist of helping others but little did she know it would be in the fitness community.

Ashley was born and raised in Cape Breton and continues to live in Cape Breton with her husband BJ and their 7-year-old son Jonathon.

Growing up Ashley was healthy and lead a very active lifestyle. In 2009 when she became a mother things did change. Being a mother caused Ashley to spend significant less time taking care of herself and began gaining weight. By 2012 Ashley was 50 pounds heavier than she was prior to becoming pregnant. She knew it was time to make a change but how would she do it was the question?

Ashley joined weight watchers in June 2012 with a mind set that she would lose 20 pounds before she would join a gym, she did not want to be “the big girl” at the gym. Ashley did lose 20 pounds and then in September Ashley joined Ascendo Fitness in Sydney. Ashley had imagined that the gym would be filled with people who were “skinny” and in the best shape of their lives, she could not imagine that there would be people just like her trying to change their lives. The day she walked into the gym was what had changed her life.

Ashley met her best friend and business partner Laura Bourdreau soon after joining Ascendo where she was seeking a personal trainer. Little did Ashley know this relationship would be what defined the rest of her life. Laura had helped Ashley in a way that no other person could and helped her achieve all of her goals one by one. Ashley worked with Laura for several months where Ascendo soon became her second home. Ashley spent many hours’ strength training, attending classes, and hitting the treadmill trying to conquer her first 5km jog, and who knew that would soon lead her to her first full marathon.

Ashley decided that she knew she could help other’s the way Laura had helped her and felt very passionate that she could and in 2013 became a can-fit pro certified personal trainer. Ashley soon left her fulltime job in health care and began working at Ascendo Fitness which now is considered home. Ashley began working with clients and teaching classes at Ascendo Fitness and could not imagine how rewarding this type of industry would be.

When Ashley is not working, or spending time with her family she spends her time running. Ashley is a member of the Cape Breton Road Runners and runs in many of the local races. Ashley ran her first race (Fiddler’s Run half marathon) in October 2015 and by September 2016 she had ran her first full marathon (26.2 miles). Ashley is a passionate runner and is continuing to train for her next race.

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